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How effective are your community engagement activities in building trust and support for your organisation from your community?

150 Research was founded to answer this question for organisations of any size from any industry.

Our suite of products is designed to measure our clients' effectiveness at building trust, minimising reputational risks, and developing a network of community supporters, while addressing the concerns of community detractors. -

Engagement Score - 

Once a benchmark is set and a detailed understanding of current strengths and weaknesses is established we work with clients to develop the tools, and skills required to improve upon their Engagement Score.

In order to know whether your engagement approach is having the desired effect (a more engaged, trusting, and supportive community) a standardised repeatable measure of the outcomes is required. Engagement Score is that measure. 

Community Engagement Consulting Services -

A key part of capacity building for community engagement is developing the skills of staff in dealing with the community in a consistent way that presents the organisation as a unified entity with a single voice.

Social Licence to Operate Assessment - 

Your social licence to operate is the implied acceptance and/or approval of your organisation or project from the community you impact. 

Understanding your social licence to operate is a key factor in maintaining positive relationships with your community. 

When you have a social licence you may not even think about it, but once it is in question the or starts to decline your ability to continue to operate may be at risk. 

If you want to ensure the sustainability of your organisation a detailed understanding of your social licence to operate is a must. 

What to know how your organisation compares, or where you should be focusing your efforts?.....

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