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We believe organisational excellence comes from a deep understanding of your audience. Whether its a local community or Council area, consumers, or stakeholders in a new development, strategically designed research and engagement approaches, offer invaluable insights and enable strategic decision-making.
Our work is based on deep knowledge of how people interact and share ideas. Much more than market research we merge contemporary thinking from fields such as anthropology, primatology, sociology, and statistical analysis to provide our clients with strategic, forward looking insights about how their work impacts, and is impacted by, their communities.

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Engagement Score

Putting the assessment of your community engagement performance in your community's hands.

Measure, track and benchmark how effective your community engagement efforts are at building and maintaining trust and meaningful relationships with your community.

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Consulting Services 

Wherever you are in your community engagement journey there are always opportunities to create more value for your community through meaningful and effective dialogue.

Our experts are here to help with everything from community surveys to policy development, project implementation, in-depth community research, and everything in between. Get in touch now and let us know how we can help.

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Social licence to operate assessment

Best suited for large scale projects and operations with significant community interaction or potential impacts.

A detailed understanding of who your community are, how they feel about your operations, and what level of influence you have to alter those perceptions. 

Getting to grips with your community and stakeholder perceptions of your organisation/project is critical to preempting societal resistance and protest, as well as empowering your advocates to nullify community concerns early on. 

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